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Tuterangiwhiu Grant-Cairns

Tuterangiwhiu is our talented Te reo Māori Translator from the Online Reo Agency (ORA).

With a deep passion for the Māori language and extensive experience in translation, Tuterangiwhiu brings his expertise and linguistic finesse to Te Amo Atawhai.

As a member of ORA, Tuterangiwhiu has been instrumental in helping businesses incorporate te reo Māori into their communication and promoting cultural understanding.

His dedication to accuracy, cultural nuances, and language preservation sets him apart in the field of translation.

With Tuterangiwhiu's guidance, Te Amo Atawhai can confidently communicate their message in te reo Māori, honouring the richness and significance of the language. Tuterangiwhiu's attention to detail, linguistic skills, and cultural sensitivity ensure that the translations are authentic and meaningful.

Te Amo Atawhai is privileged to have Tuterangiwhiu as their trusted te reo Māori Translator. His commitment to providing high-quality translations and his passion for sharing the beauty of te reo Māori make him an invaluable asset to our team.

We are proud to have Tuterangiwhiu representing ORA and providing his expertise to Te Amo Atawhai. Through his work, he actively contributes to the promotion and preservation of te reo Māori, enabling businesses to engage with the Māori language and culture in a meaningful way.

Join us in celebrating Tuterangiwhiu's exceptional talent and the important role he plays in bridging language barriers and fostering cultural connections through his translations.

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Tuterangiwhiu Grant-Cairns

Tuterangiwhiu Grant-Cairns